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HYRA - Sports Fanatic S.r.l.

HYRA - Sports Fanatic S.r.l.
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Hyra is an Italian brand focused on open air sports: skiing, walking, moto.


Hyra mission is following and satisfying the passions of athletes at all levels, through the development and marketing of quality apparel for sport. Known for:

  • The quality and punctuality of our services, thanks to the solid knowledge of this market together with the daily commitment and courtesy of our staff
  • a close-knit team of professionals who pursue the common goal of satisfying customers at their best, from specialized retailers to more
  • demanding sportsmen
  • the offer of a wide range of items for those who practice sports, whether winter or summer, indoor or outdoor
  • a brand for every need, sport intended as life in the open air, not necessarily competition, but free time to devote to oneself and to recharge the energy spent.

Hyra brand is focued on following sport fiels:

  • Active mountain or Urban Outodoor: an easy collection for people that like live the mountain walking, trekking or simply spend some time there
  • Skiwear: wide range of ski apparel for different level of ski and for all family
  • Motorbike apparel: a touring innovative collection

The commont point in all collection is our 360° Sartorial Ingeneering





HYRA - Sports Fanatic S.r.l.
Via Montello, 67, 31031 Caerano di San Marco (TV), Italien