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The positive potential of people — it's at the heart of everything that we do.


Deep in the Italian Dolomites in 1993, Danny Giovale descended a steep gully on foot with his brother Mike after climbing the Graffer Route on Campanile Basso. What should have been a predictable descent turned into an uncontrolled slide as Danny's shoes skimmed over the frozen surface. In a few moments, Danny found himself accelerating down the mountainside, heading towards what he thought was a certain encounter with death.

When he came to a stop, fortuitously protected by his backpack and climbing helmet, Danny experienced a new perspective on life. He felt fortunate — incredibly fortunate — to be alive, and this gratitude and desire to celebrate life formed the basis of everything that came after. Not only was he inspired to design a product that could be easily packable and make travel in the mountains safer and more enjoyable, but he also wanted to give back in a meaningful way to people and planet.

23 years since Kahtoola's founding in 1999, our company continues to celebrate people, design, and adventure with these guiding principles through a focused product line of footwear traction, hiking crampons and gaiters. By designing and building exceptional products, we make the outdoors more accessible and rewarding. And by operating with a commitment to social responsibility, community, and sustainability, we support and partner with grassroots organizations around the world that are driven to creating positive change by donating 1% of annual revenues through our Kahtoola for the People program.

At Kahtoola, the focus begins on quality outdoor gear but it doesn't end there — we're dedicated to celebrating the positive potential of people, each and every day.





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