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TOAKS Outdoor Inc.

TOAKS Outdoor Inc.
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TOAKS Titanium Cookware: Ultralight, World-Class Quality, Sustainable Production

Company profile

TOAKS was established in 2011 in Thousand Oaks, CA, US and specializes in titanium cookware, cutlery, tent stakes and flasks. TOAKS team has over 20 years experience in titanium design, engineering and production.

Titanium is lightweight, durable, non-rusting, and non-toxic, making it the ideal material for outdoor activities. Combining our extensive experience with our love for the outdoors, we design and make products that embody the following principles:

  • Quality: We understand that reliable gear is essential in the outdoors. We have thorough design, testing, engineering and quality control procedures in place at every step before our product arrives at your door. You can trust our products to function as designed and last for a lifetime.
  • Innovation & Efficiency: With prolific scientific and engineering expertise, we strive to continue to produce the most efficient and innovative outdoor cooking equipment. Knowing that every additional ounce counts, TOAKS pots are packable and ultralight with walls as thin as 0.3mm. TOAKS offers the unique mirror-like polished cutlery. Our alcohol stove is highly efficient, and our wood stove won the Outdoor Industry Award at Outdoor 2015 due to its compact, light weight, high efficiency, and user-friendly design.
  • Sustainability: We consciously take responsibility to protect our planet. Our production methods do not result in any water waste, air pollution, or acid waste pollution. Furthermore, our products are packaged as minimally as possible with virtually zero plastic usage.

Finally but importantly, over the past 12 years, we provide the highest standards of customer service. We proudly stand behind our products and offer lifetime warranty for any material or manufacturing defects.

Go Lighter, Go Further! We look forward to serving you in your outdoor adventures!





TOAKS Outdoor Inc.
127 N Broad Street, Burlington, NC 27217, USA